11/25/19 08:15PM
Can we get a Whitelist function?
Someone is downvoting random 'fire_emblem', '2girls' , 'blue_hair' , and 'red_hair' content, where there's nothing wrong with the post. My blacklist is empty, but stuff that is voted down seems to be hidden anyways..

1. People need to use their blacklist function if they don't like 'fire_emblem'.
2. Stuff that is harmless, that I might like, are being hidden from general public by default. (seems to be)

Can this be solved through current functions from 'My Profile Option' ? Thanks.
11/25/19 08:29PM
Under "My Account> Options", the 'threshold' can be set lower than 'zero' so that posts with scores will show up , despite them being voted down. (the default may be worked on later, but this is a solution for registered users).
The "Blacklist" works, despite there not being a "Save settings" button. Selecting the tiny little 'home' hypertext, saves the settings and leaves the 'options' section.
11/25/19 08:39PM
People are insane if they take offense to different colored hair. I can't imagine the number of much more terrible offenses someone must bear, if they are offended by something so low-key visually.

12/01/19 03:50PM
I have the same way sometimes. This is happened to me too

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