03/25/20 10:25PM
White div on top of everithing(??)
Hi, when I go anywhere on safebooru I see a div (id="saka-gui-root") which covers up everything under it, i can still click things but I don't see anything. If I delete it from dev tools everything is back to normal. I can't be the only one having this problem can I? (I'm using Firefox 74, yes I tried to disable my adblock, still nothing)
04/03/20 03:48AM
"Saka Graphics User Interface?" I've never heard of that add-on for Firefox, so I don't know how to help you there. But, it may be trying to use Firefox's 'parascoping' feature. That's my only thought. Other than that, make sure that you haven't accidentally got a sneaky downloading packet attached to Firefox. Those are really hard to get rid of and will continue to download an overlay program over your Firefox.Try searching for "Saka" from your task manager(windows only).

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