05/03/20 10:56PM
Copyright/character/artist tags
Just wondering why all of the tags are now the same colour, with no indication of copyright, characters or artists.
05/07/20 07:33PM
Same... what's the deal?
I tried updating a few thinking they were mistakenly not tagged as character/artist/copyright, but it didn't do anything. :/
12/23/20 09:50PM
I can't get past the recaptcha to make my own thread, so I'll ask here.

What should be THE tag for Miruko from Boku no Hero Academia? Currently, there are 3 of them pointing to the same character: mirko, miruko_(boku_no_hero_academia), usagiyama_rumi

And while I'm here, I'll throw in a follow-up question - can someone merge these into one tag?
12/24/20 10:06PM
Should definitely implement the feature since all the other Booru's have done this!

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