01/01/21 05:57PM
kielan said:
A community-driven website like this one, needs its a community to report that which is not SFW and tag appropriately.

If everyone does this, then the problem is already solved, adding truely safe and extra tags will just create another sub genre and leave the majority out.

I do agree with you, kielan. I don't understand why people blame the mods, since these accounts are free and we are given free range to tag, rate, and flag posts ourselves. I've considered making a forum post to rally everyone round and tell people how we can all work together to make the site better.

Still, I think that a few tools would make managing this site *easier*. Sure, if we all did our part we would certainly make a big dent in these issues, but there are *millions* of images here. We're going to need some level of automation. That's why I'm advocating the whole bot idea. I think it would be the easiest way to moderate any posts that obviously violate the TOS (or mark certain posts as Questionable), so that we can focus on the more nuanced cases that require a human brain to judge.
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