08/15/20 02:39AM
Can I post my drawings in Safebooru too?
Well, I saw Sincity2100, and he was posted some drawings, which were drawn in deviantart. As my Roxiebooru website was expired for like 7 months, and I don't remember seeing it, after it was invaded by a spambot. Can I post my pictures, please?

Here's my Gallery in Deviantart, and my nickname is IkaMusumeFan06: https://www.deviantart.com/ikamusumefan06/gallery
08/21/20 02:37AM
I've posted things here before, so I don't see why there would be a problem as long as the quality is good enough that you could sell it on your own site if you wanted to. One of my own is buried in the oldest posts that I had submitted for Safebooru.

Disclaimer time. So far as I know, Safebooru and all it's various capacities hold true to a community commons framework and hold no copyright claim to hosted contents which do not originate from the servers.

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