08/22/20 07:54AM
Mobile site being served on desktop browser (useragent sniffing)
As I've previously mentioned over on twitter, Safebooru insists on serving the mobile version of the website purely based on the user agent of your browser (which is typically considered bad practice). As an example, if "goa" is found anywhere in your browser's user agent (even if it's included within something like the word "goanna" (which is the rendering engine used in UXP-derived browsers such as IceWeasel-UXP and Pale Moon).

I just want to check for one last final time with regards to if this behavior will remain as is, or if any chance for changing it will be considered (even if it's at least just removing the "goa" part of the user agent sniffing).

Context for those unaware of what I speak of (be sure to read the replies below each of the linked tweet as well):

1. twitter.com/rintohsaka64/status/1193658756023881736

2. twitter.com/safebooru/status/1195594600989245440

3. twitter.com/safebooru/status/1204541800708542464
09/03/20 01:54PM
We may consider it in the future, but not any time soon, we have much more pressing matters to attend to unfortunately.
09/10/20 03:31AM
If it means anything, the issue does not occur on both Danbooru and Gelbooru despite both sites also having mobile-optimized versions.

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