10/30/20 01:48AM
A Fix for Tag Colors
Whelp I got tired of waiting for the site management to fix this extremely simple issue, so I did it myself with a little bit of CSS. What it does is:

A. restores the tag colors
B. restores them to their correct order...so that character, copyright, and artist tags appear at the top of the tag list.

If you want to use it for yourself first you need to download Stylish:
Firefox: www.shorturl.at/fCHJQ
Chrome: www.shorturl.at/imtGW

Then you're going to want to create a new style. While you're somewhere on the Safebooru website click the Stylish icon then click "write a new style for safebooru.org". Then copy/paste this CSS into the window that will pop up:

div#post-view div.sidebar div ul#tag-sidebar {display : flex; flex-direction: column;}

.tag-type-character {order: 1;}
.tag-type-copyright {order: 2;}
.tag-type-artist {order: 3;}
.tag-type-general {order: 4;}

.tag-type-character a {color: #0a0;}
.tag-type-copyright a {color: #a0a;}
.tag-type-artist a {color: #a00;}

You can then rename the script. I named mine "Safebooru Tag Color Fix" or you can just keep the default name which would just be "safebooru.org". Then click "save" and you should notice the script take effect on Safebooru immediately! Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions.
09/06/21 11:35PM
i've been using this for a while, it's very helpful! thank you.

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