01/21/21 01:35PM
Can't upload images
Tried uploading a picture here but it says "unable to complete previous action due to low memory" while my phone literally have like 70 GB left. Is it like error in system or a bug or something? What should i do?

Edit: some grammar cause my english is bad
01/22/21 03:44AM
Nvm, apparently you cant use gallery to upload a picture which is kind of a bummer. Some images that i upload did not appear in my upload pages tho and there is no error message or anything like that. Anyone know why?
01/27/21 05:49PM
That has happened to me too in the past and it was a problem with my mobile device using a previously captured version of Safebooru.
On the other hand, I'd taken a look through you posted works to see if there were anything wrong there and came across this https://safebooru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=3339856

You may want to reconsider similar content and then visit the other forum threads to read what is acceptable here. Descript nipples are Not Safe For Work and will not be allowed to stay on Safebooru. There were two or three others that were more obvious, so I suspect that your posts have been getting moderated without you being warned about the deletions or violating contents. I've taken the liberty of cleaning out those two violations... so here's a mild warning because I think you really didn't know that you had 'cameltoe' , exposed 'crotch', and obvious 'missing panties' in your posts.
Please read the ancient forum threads about what is considered NSFW and then refrain from posting similar content in the future.
Other than those, keep posting the good works!
02/08/21 07:22PM
Hey, thanks for the reply man! Appreciate it. For the first problem thing, i figured that if i uploaded a picture that is already existed, it won't work, although with that said i saw like 9 of the same picture tagged "sweat". Might want to take a look into that.

For the deleted works, i did saw a picture that may be considered as nsfw as there is a literal tag called "nude" here so i thought that the picture i post was fine. Guess i am still dumb huh?

But anyway, i've learned from my mistake, and i promise you, i will be more careful about what works i should/shouldn't post.

Once again, thank you for the reply. I saw a lot of forums with like 0 reply so i was certain that this post wont have any attention. But it did, and i'm grateful for it.

Cheers to you, mate!


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