01/24/21 09:48PM
Yaoi tag
Why is the yaoi tag not being updated with anything from Danbooru lately? Is the yaoi tag now automatically considered NSFW now, even if the art itself isn't explicit at all?

Considering how there's still new yuri art regularly uploaded here, this seems like a very strange double standard.
01/27/21 06:00PM
by definition, NSFW
There might not be a strong filter for the 'yaoi' tagpool yet, but you are correct that if it is really applicable to the 'yaoi' tagpool, then that post's contents are NSFW.
'Yaoi' and 'Yuri' describe descriptively suggestive or otherwise obvious sexual activities between two or more characters of the same gender. I will emphasize that those tagpools suggest >>"SEXUAL ACTIVITY"<< . There is no bias here, anything that is truly sexually suggestive or obviously sexual, is NSFW and not allowed on Safebooru.

There could be a lot of tag poisoning happening... this has historically been the case when dealing with the 'yuri' tagpool. But the tag poisoning is a whole other matter. I'll say it again : If the post is truly applicable to the 'yaoi' or 'yuri' tag, it is not allowed here because those are sexual by their definitions.

Thanks for the interest. We do our best to keep Safebooru as clean as possible.

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