04/30/11 10:09AM - Free image source finder!

I believe that this can be a major contributor for adding sources to posts and by extension the original artists.
Just copy the post's URL and add it under 'advanced options' and then click 'get sauce' and it should automatically find the Pixiv post most similar.

What do you think? Just found this on tumblr.
04/30/11 09:54PM
Thats a pretty sweet site, i like it.
05/02/11 09:14PM
ffffffffffffffffffffff I love this and the person who made this and you for showing this to us.
06/08/11 09:10AM
Hi there .o/

Well from what I've seen so far, it seems like SauceNao mostly finds explicit rated pictures, which don't look that much like whatever I uploaded there ^^'

From my experience, is much more reliable.
06/08/11 12:41PM
But does not find you the source/artist. Only other booru that has the image.
06/08/11 04:35PM
True, however the source often is given on those booru, or you may request them here.
You may get the answer from the uploader, provided they were not just taken from another booru using some kinda script.

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