02/15/21 02:26AM
Favorite-related suggestion
I don't know where you do suggestions, but is it possible to change how the current favorite works? especially when you remove favorites from your favorite list. The current one is terrible because when you delete a favorite from your list, it will go back to the first page. Now, that is fine if you have a few pages of the list. But, what if you have 14 pages like me? If I remove favorite from one picture, it will take me back to the first page and I would have to go to page 12 manually. Maybe make it so that once you remove favorite from your list, you stay on the same page instead of going back to the beginning. Or make it so that we can remove more than one picture from our favorite list so it's easier to manage our favorites. And yeah, this is coming from a guy with over 650+ favorites, and it's a pain to remove them with the current system.

2nd suggestion, maybe add a button to remove the picture from our favorites when you are on that picture page? Not just "add favorite" but also "remove favorite" when you already favorited the current picture you're on.

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