05/12/11 06:13PM
Pixiv - source links don't work
When I click on source links to Pixiv images, I just get a 403 error message.

For example:
Clicking on the source link takes me to which is 403 Forbidden.

Clicking on the source link for the same image on Danbooru ( ) takes me to which doesn't give an error.
05/12/11 07:42PM
Well sometimes people linked it to the wrong page. Check out this post here:

Its for a image source finder, you can use this and put in the correct source :)
05/17/11 04:39PM
There's a difference between the direct link to an image (which is the url that ends with .jpg/.png) and the post which ends with the id number. You get the direct link by clicking on the image on pixiv, taking you to the mode=big url (or something like that I'm doing this by memory) and right-clicking copy image location and pasting it in the source box.

As far as I can remember, direct links work for me about half the time depending whether or not I'm logged in on pixiv, etc. Danbooru has something in its wiki about whichever form of URL is preferred but school internet filters block it so can't check and uh yeah
05/22/11 07:07PM
I believe it only works for those with Pixiv accounts, unlike myself.

I think it's better to use the post link since not everybody makes an account for a foreign art site.

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