08/03/22 06:18PM
"Questionable" uploads
I've posted some anime pics of girls showing off the soles of their their feet; no nudity, no sexual poses, or any other problematic material in them. However, they were labeled questionable anyway and were removed; one of them happened to be a tickle picture featuring Gatomon and Kari, and that had nothing inappropriate in that image, too. I find that ironic, when there's similar photos on here doing the same exact thing. Here's some examples:

So can anybody tell the problem with this, then:

The last one I linked to has a girl showing off her underwear in that, but that stays up because it's labeled "safe". The Kagome Higurash one I posted this morning didn't even show any undergarments, but you remove it anyway. Can someone please explain what's going on here?
08/07/22 03:31AM
Foot Fetish
If it's a fetish and either discovered in series or posts are proclaimed to follow a fetish; then it probably got moderated for that reason.
Suggestion to you in the future: Don't talk about fetishes. Sbooru doesn't take well to fetishes.. since you know that the spirit of the upload rules and this whole sight is supposed to be non-sexual. A fetish is an action or specific thing that is focused on specifically for the purpose of sexual arousal. That's the definition of a fetish.

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