06/05/24 10:39AM
Do the API have rate limits?
Hi there! I'm building an application that has an scheduled task that runs every hour to count how many posts were published in the last hour (or since the last post id seen in the previous execution) and yesterday it was working fine but now it's failing with errors indicating that the search is down. It seems to be a rate limit issue, because it needs to catch up to get all the posts since the last one seen yesterday (I turned the computer off so there's a gap of about 9h and counting). Such rate limit is undocumented in the documentation: safebooru.org/index.php?page=help&topic=dapi

It does mention that sometimes the search can break. But is it really that unstable?

Can you confirm if that's the case?

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

In case you are curious, I plan to aggregate the statistics of several image boards in order to see the current art trends (and try to predict future ones). With this aggregated metric (and others) it will be possible to tell which characters, series, or themes are more popular at the time, which could be helpful for artists looking for ideas to draw.


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