05/12/10 02:55PM
Translated tag/notes
Hey, don't know if anyone has realized this yet (or cares :P or wants to do something about it, or w/e) but notes which were attached to images on gelbooru aren't here. Which is annoying in itself, but the images are also still tagged 'translated'... I was like 'What's going on, these are all Japanese' before I realized what was going on :P

random example in case someone doesn't know what I'm talking about
05/13/10 01:39AM
I know exactly what you mean, unfortunately the importer script safebooru uses does not import notes.

We do care but unfortinally this has to be fixed be hand. (unless you or somebody has godlike scripting skills and can fix this for me lol)
05/14/10 03:00AM
How are the notes saved on Gelbooru, anyway? And is there a way to associate the pictures on Safebooru with the ones on Gelbooru? Depending on the answers it might be possible to come up with a way to sweep Gelbooru for all the images on Safebooru, copy the notes and add them on Safebooru.

Note that my scripting skill aren't quite godlike yet, so I may just be underestimating the problem :P

Well, if that doesn't work out I'll see if I can find some free time to help doing it by hand :) I never really look at adult images and have had to sift through countless of those on Gelbooru whenever I needed a reference to draw something or some such, so I don't mind lending a hand here ^^ (How selfless of me, helping to solve a problem I wanted to have fixed, myself xD)
05/14/10 08:57PM
all notes are saved in the database, the ids are different and dont match gelbooru's order of ids. It might be possible if i had gelbooru's database and compare hash files altough i will most likely never get the gelbooru db and even if i had it i would not be skilled enough to make it happen.

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