Pool: Classy and Elegant

Images in which the subjects appear highly respectable, like a proper gentlemen or lady. Or show a beautiful display of grace.

Common traits of those depicted include Victorian dress, done-up hair, calm and/or neutral expression for ladies. For gentlemen it'd be monocles, mustaches, top hats, walking canes, cups of tea, a curved smoking pipe, and sometimes a British accent.

Stage magicians, while likely possessing many of these qualities, do not automatically apply. It is especially desirable if the subjects who appear are not normally depicted in such a manner, but those who are well-known for their Gentlemanly honor, such as Dudley from Street Fighter, would apply just as equally.

Alternately, for elegance, those who give off a graceful air about their actions, such as a curtsy, a demonstration on a violin, piano, or other high-class instrument, or even a wink. This doesn't have to be restricted to what they wear, but how they act, and their poise.
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