Pool: The Most Unlikely Fusions

Characters fused into another character that really don't fit each other.

See the first few pictures of this pool for example.
aisaka_taiga bad_id broly chain chimerism crossover cuffs dragon_ball dragon_ball_z dragonball dragonball_z evil fusion highres ibuki_suika ioridonmax13 mcdonald's muscle ronald_mcdonald solo toradora! touhou what rating:Safe score:0 user:Gelbooru aang alucard annotated automail avatar:_the_last_airbender avatar_the_last_airbender ben_10 bishoujo_senshi_sailor_moon bleach blue_(pokemon) bow buttons castlevania castlevania:_symphony_of_the_night chimera chimerism cloud_strife crossover dc_comics death_note death_note_(object) edward_elric fanny_pack final_fantasy final_fantasy_vii forehead_protector fullmetal_alchemist fusion green_eyes gyakuten_saiban hair_ornament headband heterochromia i_see_you inuyasha jaque_louie_david_de_mopasson kino_makoto konohagakure_symbol kurosaki_ichigo male mask mechanical_arm mitsurugi_reiji naruto nickelodeon omnitrix poke_ball poke_ball_theme pokemon pokemon_(game) pokemon_rgby prosthesis red_eyes rozen_maiden simple_background smiley_face solo spiked_hair spongebob spongebob_squarepants spongebob_squarepants_(character) suiseiseki sword tattoo tengen_toppa_gurren_lagann uzumaki_naruto watchmen weapon what white_background yoko_littner yoko_ritona rating:Safe score:3 user:Gelbooru chiyo_chichi crossover fox_tail fusion guresuke hat lowres multiple_tails parody solo tail touhou translated translation_request yakumo_ran rating:Safe score:0 user:danbooru crossover fusion ghostbusters green_eyes green_hair hat mazeran mima parody solo staff stay_puft touhou transparent_background wizard_hat rating:Safe score:20 user:danbooru ahoge aino_heart aino_heart_(cosplay) arcana_heart boots bow bracer cosplay crossdressing crossdressinging crossover fat_man fusion grin heart_ahoge hokuto_no_ken knee_pads lowres m.u.g.e.n male mr_heart mugen_(game) namesake necktie parody pink_hair pixel_art pleated_skirt plump ribbon school_uniform short_hair shoulder_pads simple_background skirt smile solo spikes standing suspenders tokage rating:Safe score:0 user:danbooru