Comical situations where characters take on self-destructive actions in order to fulfill a greatly desired goal. The characters may most likely be sent to heaven with a smile on their faces.

Note that to be qualified for this pool, the image must show the damage done - or going to be done - to that character (e.g. nosebleed) and being funny.
hong_meiling izayoi_sakuya nosebleed object_on_head panties panties_on_head red_hair redhead ribbon touhou translated translation_request underwear zetsumame rating:Safe score:0 user:Gelbooru ^_^ bat_wings blush_stickers closed_eyes flying hat heart izayoi_sakuya maid_headdress multiple_persona open_mouth parody remilia_scarlet smile star terminator thumbs_up touhou translated uu~ wings yamato_damashi yukkuri_shiteitte_ne rating:Safe score:2 user:Gelbooru