2boys 6+girls animal_ears aqua_hair armor artist_request asuna_(sao) asuna_(sao-alo) bare_shoulders black_eyes black_hair blonde_hair blue_hair breastplate brown_eyes brown_hair cat_ears closed_eyes coat dress elf evil_smile fairy fingerless_gloves from_behind gloom_(expression) gloves glowing glowing_eyes hair_ornament hairclip half_updo headband hiding hug jealous kirito kirito_(sao-ggo) klein klein_(sao-alo) leafa lisbeth lisbeth_(sao-alo) long_hair looking_back mace multiple_boys multiple_girls pink_hair pointy_ears red_eyes scared scarf shaded_face shinon_(sao) short_hair short_shorts shorts silica silica_(sao-alo) smile sweatdrop sword sword_art_online translation_request twintails weapon wings yui_(sao) yui_(sao-alo)

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I swear The girls r so Jealous of a Another girl Touching Kirito I mean Leafa/Lisbeth/slilca r so Mad that Shinon is Hugging him Asuna is About too use a spell to Punish him with yui is Upset with her Daddy!!!!!