2girls alucard_(hellsing) blonde_hair blue_feathers blue_pants blue_sky braid braided_ponytail collarbone collared_dress crop_top dress dutch_angle earrings feather_earrings flower from_below glasses groin hair_intakes hair_over_shoulder hand_in_hair hat hellsing highres jewelry kurobe_sclock long_hair looking_at_viewer midriff multiple_girls navel pants petals ribbon round_eyewear see-through seras_victoria short_dress silver_hair single_braid sky sleeveless sleeveless_dress standing stomach straw_hat sun_hat sundress sunflower white_dress wrist_flower yellow_flower yellow_headwear yellow_ribbon

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Anonymous >> #18208
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Uh...Dunno if Seras should be out in the middle of the day...