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1girl animal anthropomorphization apple arm_support azur_lane bare_legs bare_shoulders beach_mat bikini bird black_background black_bikini black_cat black_footwear black_swimsuit breasts cat cellphone chick choker clavicle cleavage dark_background eyewear_on_head female flying_sweatdrops food frilled_cuffs fruit full_body hair_between_eyes hairband hand_up heart heart-shaped_eyewear heart-shaped_glasses innertube kin_(pixiv3054186) kinven large_breasts legs magazine manjuu_(azur_lane) megane navel off_shoulder official_art open_mouth open_toe_shoes phone picnic_basket pitcher red_eyes rigging sandals sandwich scrunchie see-through shadow sheer_clothes short_hair sidelocks simple_background sirius_(azur_lane) sirius_(midsummer_seirios)_(azur_lane) sitting smartphone solo stomach sunglasses swimsuit symbol-shaped_glasses tempura thigh_strap thighs tote_bag transparent_background turret white_background white_hair wrist_scrunchie

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