1girl absurdres alhaitham_(genshin_impact) aqua_hair bent_over black_leotard black_thighhighs blue_necktie blush calendar_(object) cameo cape chibi crying crying_with_eyes_open english_text eula_(genshin_impact) frown full_body genshin_impact grey_eyes hair_between_eyes hair_ornament hairband highres kaedehara_kazuha leotard long_sleeves looking_away medium_hair necktie sad seiza sesield sidelocks sitting sketch solo tears thigh-highs trembling white_background yae_miko yoimiya_(genshin_impact)

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ILikeYaeMiko >> #35689
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cry about it. We had Yae 2 times this 3.X versions. Absolutely epic considering I started playing the game around 3.3 and I basically just missed Yae. Oh and yeah, NYF/10