1girl absurdres ahoge animal_ears blue_skirt blue_vest bridal_gauntlets cat_ears cat_girl cat_tail crop_top detached_sleeves floral_print genshin_impact green_eyes hair_ornament highres japanese_clothes kirara_(genshin_impact) light_brown_hair long_hair midriff multiple_tails navel paw_pose ponytail shake_tama skirt solo stomach tail tassel tongue tongue_out two_tails vest vision_(genshin_impact)

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ILikeYaeMiko >> #37378
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cat. That's a pretty damn big head bud. Gonna make ayaka run for her money when it comes to needing a tic-tac-toe board. Hair bow is probably way too big, hair looks way too sharp and I don't know about that light/shadow contrast. Hair's star has rounded corners and sharp corners at the same time. Way to go OCD! Rest of her clothes are fucking fantastic. Like actually. I have nothing to say wrong. It's bloody perfect. I will add though that the noise is overdone and the random ass chromatic abbreviation is uh. Probably not needed here. I know it's not how C.A. works but I'd like to see C.A. only when there's like an intense action or something. Also pretty sure the end of her tails are a lot brighter than this uncooked brown cake looking color. Oh yeah also what's up with the shadows in the background? Why are they pixelated? To end it all, my biddies approval status is: "Yes.", wish I could say the same for Yae artworks... Has a lot of faults, but god damn it is it still good. NMW 3.15/10