3girls aqua_capelet aqua_eyes blonde_hair blush_stickers boots bow braid bright_pupils brown_eyes capelet chibi circlet commentary_request crossover dungeon_meshi earrings edomae_elf eldali_ilma_fanomenel elf frieren gem gold_trim green_eyes grey_hair hair_bow hair_intakes hakama hakama_skirt holding holding_staff japanese_clothes jewelry kimono leather leather_boots long_hair long_sleeves magatama magatama_necklace mage_staff marcille miko multiple_girls necklace no_mouth parted_bangs pointy_ears red_gemstone sandals sidelocks sideways_glance skirt smug sousou_no_frieren staff sukiyo sweatdrop thick_eyebrows trait_connection translation_request twin_braids twintails white_capelet

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Top line of text translates to "Three elves I can't jerk off to."