6+boys 6+girls :d anger_vein archie_(pokemon) beanie black_hair blastoise blaziken blue_hair brown_eyes brown_hair chibi clenched_teeth commentary_request cyrus_(pokemon) delphox eyelashes ghetsis_(pokemon) giovanni_(pokemon) green_hair grid_background guzma_(pokemon) hair_flaps hat highres hikari_(pokemon) hilda_(pokemon) hime_(himetya105) jacket leaf_(pokemon) lysandre_(pokemon) maxie_(pokemon) may_(pokemon) multiple_boys multiple_girls open_mouth pants pink_hat pleated_skirt pokemon pokemon_(creature) pokemon_bw pokemon_bw2 pokemon_dppt pokemon_frlg pokemon_oras pokemon_sm pokemon_xy ponytail primarina riding riding_pokemon selene_(pokemon) serena_(pokemon) serperior sharp_teeth shirt short_hair sidelocks sitting skirt smile standing star_(symbol) suit sunglasses swampert teeth tongue tongue_out torterra white_hair white_hat

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There could totally be stickers in fact I really want them to be stickers because they look adorable!