bullpup famas gun highres hu_sea l85 l85a1_(upotte!!) pantyhose qbz-95 rifle school_uniform serafuku short_hair steyr_aug steyr_aug_(upotte!!) tavor_tar-21 upotte!! weapon

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Anonymous >> #8651
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Other bullpup rifles the artist could have added, include; Belgian FN2000, Russian OtS-14 Groza, & A-91, Vektor CR-21, & Singapore's SAR-21.

mofumofunya >> #14607
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Not to mention the Khaybar (Iranian bullpup M16A1), 556A-91 (Export model of the A-91), QBZ-97 (Export model of the QBZ-95), G11, FAD, L22A1 (carbine offshoot of the L85), Jantar (Polish bullpup AK-74M in 5.56x45 NATO), Radom MSBS-B, F88 Austeyr (Australian and New Zealand service model of the AUG), Tavor X95, and Vepr (Ukrainian bullpup AK-74M).