01/30/22 06:09PM
Ever got into a franchise because of the art?
Have you ever seen art of a franchise (like a character) and checked it out simply because you liked what you saw.
I was just wondering.
Besides, I the thought of somebody looking into a not well known franchise because they saw something nice.
02/05/22 08:43PM
Till this day i personally think Tite Kubo draw amazingly well but everything he writes is bland as possible. his artwork alone was the reason wgy i followed bleach through my teenagehood. Great artist
04/05/23 07:15PM
Black Rock Shooter
i absolutely adore huke's artwork :-)
04/23/23 02:03PM
The very first thing that caught my attention was the artwork of Grimoire Weiss on the cover of the soundtrack CD. He's so beautiful, and yet so alien, unlike anything I've ever seen, even to this day. The original Gestalt/Replicant went on to become my favorite game I've ever played. DK's character designs are so incredible, and I'm a little sad that he never worked on anything else for the series.
06/26/23 05:04PM
This is basically how I ended up getting into everything made by Clamp. Some of my favourites from them are Magic Knight Rayearth and Cardcaptor Sakura.
06/27/23 12:18PM
I personally like Mechas and military stuff as my great-grandfather was a Colonel that served in the army.
08/19/23 11:49PM
Doki Doki Literature Club!
I've seen DDLC art, but I haven't played the game, and I don't really know much, so does this really apply to me? My favourite is probably Yuri. She's so cute. Though... Edit: I have been informed by my older sister that DDLC is actually a horror game. Edit 2: I've got into the game! It's so cute! I love Monika so much! The game's not actually scary, right? ...
08/29/23 12:27PM
Yep yep yep
I got into Azur Lane because of that certain Korean man artist I accidentally watched the stream he made when I was browsing YouTube.

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