10/17/22 04:17PM
Takedown/DMCA instructions.
Take Down Request information. (Please don't use the report post function for DMCA!)
(The flag for deletion is not for images you claim to own, it's not for reporting copied copyrighted art work, because we cannot prove who you are in such a limited system and only the artist may request their art to be taken down, any requests through the flag for deletion link will be ignored and you will be perm banned if you continue to misuse it.

If you are a user and wish to remove more than a couple of images you have uploaded, you must also send a dmca email and you must have good reason to take down content you uploaded to the site, we are an archive not an image host.

End of disclaimer.)

When reporting please consider allowing your older posts to remain up so you can benefit from free publicity and ask for example to remove your Patreon content only or recent posts you don't wish for public display.

Remember you are entitled to a source link on the image that links back to the original image on your website and a link the comments to your website.

In all cases of removal if you could provide links to the images it would help speed things up, if not then the tag and the website.

All takedown requests needs to be done by email by the original artist and sent to: [email protected]

Take down requests can ONLY be done by the original artist, unless rights have been transferred to the commissioner also and this can be proven by document, see below.

Make sure you mention the artist name you go by and company if applicable.

Proof of ownership is required:

A screenshot of you logged into an official artist account, this is the easiest way since it shows you can make a post or edit the account therefore proof of who you are and shows no personal details.

Or a post on the artist's official social media stating they have made a takedown to this confirms your email is you.

All relevant evidence in the email.

(We have to prove identity since some have tried to take down artists works maliciously in the past so they cannot get free publicity and traffic via link on the art work and in the comments.)

Remember if you are not the original artist you do not have copyright unless you got a contract from the artist that states you have ownership and rights since the artist retains the copyright and it is the artist that must submit the takedown in most cases, no one else.

In cases of similar characters, we prefer that you contact the artist and have them take down the work, we will not take down a similar work unless there is evidence for bullying/harassment.

Artists can not take down any images via the flag for deletion link, because we don't know you are the artist till we prove it and sadly it has been abused in the past to take down works maliciously by people who are not the artist.

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