06/16/23 07:27AM
Where can I go to commission artists?
I need a manga artist for a comic I am working on that is meant to be in that style, but I desperately want to avoid just doing the cheap, pale imitation of the style that most Westerners make with a generic "anime style". I want this comic to be manga style, but a style that is unique to the artist. Of course, I will pay, too. I never hire an artist without paying them. I am serious about this and if you're interested, lemme know. Be warned, however, that I need someone who is prepared to do artwork for a long term period.
06/17/23 08:11AM
ILikeYaeMiko said:
Also I just got into doom, you better now kill me 8 billion times with your magic explosions or something aight? kthxbye

No promises.

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