08/07/23 10:33PM
Hitch Hiking
Remember hitch hiking? And how in the sixties and seventies it seemed like every third young person was hitch hiking around the country?

Of course hitch hiking became socially unacceptable again about the nineteenth time a hitch hiker ended up dead. Or some woman got raped.

Nowadays poor young people can afford their own car. So hitch hiking is basically extinct.
08/12/23 12:45PM
Back when truckers accepted hitchhikers, if the destination of the hitchhiker was either the next town or city, the road to their destination passes through the route or area, or the hitchhiker had little to no money as fare.

Hitchhiking was still alive, but not as prevalent as before.

But it had a resurgence when the lockdowns due to COVID forced the shutdown of all major transportation systems. They were called ride-sharing.

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