08/31/23 06:30AM
If the possibility. Which character would you want to be brought into the real world would you choose?
Could be from:
-A Book
-A Play
-A Live action Film
-Or just plain ol OC's

...and I'd like to hear why you choose that character. Please no NSFW answers here. There's a time and place for that, but not in this place
08/31/23 06:37AM
I'd like to start off with a couple.

Maia Simmons (to talk with her while appreciating her beauty)

Pit (Kid Icarus) (probably to ask him about how much he knows and how little he knows about mortals)

and Luigi (to just enjoy how he talks.
08/31/23 11:36PM
ILikeYaeMiko said:
As much as people might think I would want Yae to be brought to the mortal realm, I honestly don't think bringing her would be a good idea, hell, any character if they're not known OCs.


Imagine the people jumping on them to get dat ass.

You freaks would give depression to so many characters.

Except for Bruce Wayne....

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